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Excel to JSON is a Microsoft Excel add-in which can convert Excel to JSON.


This add-in works with Excel 2013(or higher) and Excel Online.

Quick Started

Get add-in

  • Get it from Office Store link

  • Click on the above link and, you will see the webpage of Excel-to-JSON on Office Store.

  • Click on the “add” button.

  • The next page you will see will show that you can open the add-in in Excel/Excel Online.

  • Now go to Excel 2013/2016 or Excel Online.

  • Insert Tab > My Add-ins.

  • In the Add-ins for Office box, find “Excel-to-JSON”.

  • Double-click the add-in to start it.

  • Now you are ready to use this add-in.

Use add-in

	Note that you should select at least two rows as the first row will be considered as header.
  • Prepare your Excel sheet

  • Select data you’d like to convert

  • Click on “Go” button

  • You will later see the converted JSON below the “Go” button

  • Later you can “copy+paste” / “copy to clipboard” JSON and save it to your computer

Video Demonstration

Video Link